R&B singers and songwriters are entering a renaissanceas we begin the new decade. Down to Earth lyrics backed by a powerful vocalist are all the rage right now when coupled with melodic production. Add in the flair that only that songstress can deliver, and you have the Dallas-based artist Officially Simone. At just twenty-two-years-old, the singer shows great knowledge and poise over her craft, knowing exactly what mood and instrumentation she wants to accent her vocals. She can quickly jump from a pop-oriented dance record to a more sultry late-night vibe in an instant.

Being a student of the genre, not only does fellow Texas singer Beyonce© get a nod as an influence, but newcomers such as Summer Walker and H.E.R. influence Simone as well. These generational influences inspire Simone to create timeless are and challenge her to push the boundaries of the genre as her fellow peers do as a new decade of R&B music approaches. Her previous career as a multi-genre dancer also affects her creative process, and it culminated in her debut EP ‘Simone, Vol. 1.’ The four-track project introduces the world to Simone and her colorful vocals as they dance over each instrumental with grace and elegance. As Simone works on her first full-length project, expect only the very best going forward!